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Does FeCl3 react with aspirin or salicylic acid?

May 04, 2020 · Iron (III) Chloride, FeCl3, very commonly reacts with phenol groups. If you add FeCl3 to a reactant that has a phenol group, your entire solution would turn purple. Aspirin does not have a phenol group, however, salicylic acid, which is used to produce aspirin does indeed have a phenol group. Click to see full answer Ferric Chloride - Shanghai Chemex Group Ltd.Ferric Chloride is an inorganic chemical compound with the formula FeCl3. it is a dark brown powder, it also crystalline. It can be easily soluble in water and highly hygroscopic. Crystal forms occur naturally as the mineral moly site.

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Ferric Chloride CAS NO.7705-08-0 SYSTEMATIC NAME :Ferric chloride OTHER NAME :Iron(III) chloride, Iron tri chloride, Ferric trichloridde Anhydrous EMPIRICAL FORMULA :FeCl3 MOLECULAR WT :162.2 g/mol APPEARANCE :Dark greenish Black, Crystalline Powder extremely hygroscopic SPECIFICATION :Ferric Chloride (as Fecl3) :98.00 % min Ferric chloride in pieces - CIFFerric chloride (FeCl3) hexahydrate. Pieces to dissolve in water. Simply fill in with water to obtain 36 ° B perchloride. Packaged in a 25 kg bag (ref AR38) Iron (III) Chloride - Inorganic Chemistry - Science ForumsDec 01, 2005 · Solid iron (III) chloride has a mustard-like yellow/brown color. The stuff you buy at electronics stores is the hexahydrate, FeCl3.6H2O. Solutions of FeCl3.6H2O are yellow, when acidified. They become brown when not acidified, due to hydrolysis of the iron (III) and subsequent formation of hydroxo-complexes of iron (III).

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Ferric Chloride, chemically written as FeCl3, is a corrosive chemical most often used in the water treatment industry because of its ability to process materials like that found in sewage or impure water. Ferric chloride is a useful compound, especially when it comes to water treatment, as it actively contributes to public health and wellness. O638:Identification of Phenols Ferric Chloride Test Compounds with a phenol group will form a blue, violet, purple, green, or red-brown color upon addition of aqueous ferric chloride. This reaction can be used as a test for phenol groups. Equations 3ArOH + FeCl3 Fe(OAr)3 + 3HCl. To Conduct Demonstration: Safety Data Sheet Ferric Chloride - LiquidSynonym :Ferric Chloride, Iron (III) Chloride, Iron Tri Chloride Chemical Formula :Fecl3 Contact Information :SUKHA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Plot No. 4705/1/6 & 7, GIDC Estate, ANKLESHWAR - 393 002. (Gujarat) INDIA. Telefax No :+ 91 - 2646 - 225067/225068 E-mail :[email protected], [email protected]

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Nov 19, 2019 · Ferric chloride can be prepared by dissolving hematite in hydrochloric acid:(1) F e X 2 O X 3 + 6 H C l 2 F e C l X 3 + 3 H X 2 O. But the resulting ferric chloride will be exposed from its formation to water. After investigating a little, I found that anhydrous ferric chloride, when dissolved in water, hydrolysed and forms ferric hydroxide:FeCl3 + NaOH = Fe(OH)3 + NaCl ReactionAqueous ferric chloride and aqueous sodium hydroxide reaction. Ferric chloride ( Iron(III) chloride ) is a soluble inorganic compound in water and form a yellow-brown solution. Sodium hydroxide is a strong alkaline colorless solution and readily gives hydroxyl ions (OH-).. What are the products when aqueous FeCl 3 reacts with aqueous NaOH. When we add aqueous NaOH solution to aqueous FeCl 3