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May 30, 1995 · (a) A student shall be removed from class and placed in a disciplinary alternative education program as provided by Section 37.008 if the student:(1) engages in conduct involving a public school that contains the elements of the offense of false alarm or report under Section 42.06, Penal Code, or terroristic threat under Section 22.07, Penal Code; or(2) commits the following on or Code of Conduct Austin ISDThe Student Code of Conduct that follows is the district's specific response to requirements of Chapter 37:Discipline; Law And Order of the Texas Education Code. The law requires the district to define misconduct that may or must result in a range of specific disciplinary consequences.

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§ 37.083. Discipline Management Programs; Sexual Harassment Policies (a) Each school district shall adopt and implement a discipline management program to be included in the district improvement plan under Section 11.252. The program must provide for prevention of and education concerning unwanted physical or verbal aggression and Information / The LawTexas Education Code Chapter 37. Discipline; Law and Order . Sec. 37.081. SCHOOL DISTRICT PEACE OFFICERS AND SECURITY PERSONNEL. (a) The board of trustees of any school district may employ security personnel and may commission peace officers to carry out this subchapter. If a board of trustees authorizes a person employed as security personnel Library Laws of Texas Annotations of Library-Related Chapter 37. Discipline; Law and Order - Subchapter C. Law and Order 37.0811 School Marshals Requirements concerning appointment of school marshals in

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Student Discipline Chapter 37. Note:A new edition will be published in July, 2021. Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code establishes the statutes related to student discipline and law and order in public schools. Chapter 37 Offenses and Consequences Chart (pdf)-Revised in 2019 Required Public Report of Violent or Criminal Incidents The Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 37 establishes the statutes related to student discipline, law, and order in public schools. Individual school districts write and enforce student disciplinary policies that comply with the statutes. (TEA) The Tyler ISD Student Code of Conduct is the districts response to the requirements of Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code. Student Code of Conduct Information for Parents SISD's Student Code of Conduct communicates to students, parents, school staff and the community exactly what is expected of students and how misconduct will be handled. Link to:Texas Education Code, Safe Schools, Chapter 37 - Discipline, Law and Order The document is also available for download, below.

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May 15, 2021 · Section 37.115 - Threat Assessment And Safe And Supportive School Program And Team (a) In this section:(1) "Harmful, threatening, or violent behavior" includes behaviors, such as verbal threats, threats of self harm, bullying, cyberbullying, fighting, the use or possession of a weapon, sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking, or assault, by a student that could result in:(A) Texas Education Code Chapter 37 Discipline; Law and OrderTerms Used In Texas Education Code Chapter 37. Abstract of judgment:In a federal criminal proceeding, A certification from a U.S. District Court clerk that a judgment of restitution was entered against the defendant owing to the victim. If the defendant inherits, owns, or sells real property or holdings, these assets can then be attached at the state and local levels as well.Texas Codes Chapter 37 - Discipline; Law And Order Subchapter B - School-Community Guidance Centers (§§ 37.051 37.056) Subchapter C - Law And Order (§§ 37.081 37.085) Subchapter D - Protection Of Buildings And Grounds (§§ 37.101 37.115) Subchapter E - Penal Provisions (§§ 37.121 37.126) Subchapter E-1 - CRIMINAL PROCEDURE (§§ 37.141 37.148)