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Good Homogenizing / Blending result are achieved by this type of reclaimer as every thin layers of material are cut-off from the entire cross section of the stockpile by reciprocating harrows. The reclaiming capacity is constant and easily adjustable by varying the operational speed of Bridge Bucket Homogenizing Reclaimer,Homogenizing Bridge Bucket Homogenizing Reclaimer that NHI China offer is suitable for the longitudinal storage yards, is large equipment used for loading and unloading the bulk materials efficiently and continuously. It finds extensive usage in the coal and ore storage yards of the electric power industry, metallurgy industry, coal industry, building material industry and chemical industry.

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How to work:The pile of the bridge bucket reclaimer reclaiming work is piled up in a herringbone shape by the stacker. The two bucket wheel devices of the reclaimer are mounted on the main beam and run back and forth along the length of the main beam on the cross section of the pile. Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer Bulk Material Handling The bucket wheel stacker reclaimer is mainly applicable for the stacking, excavation, and homogenization of bulk materials. It reclaims materials by the bucket wheel, and piles materials to a storage pile by reverse operation of the boom belt conveyor. Bulk Material Handling Equipment,Apron Feeder,Belt Boom Type Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer. Scraping Bucket Stacker. Bridge Scraper Reclaimer. Bridge Bucket Homogenizing Reclaimer. Homogenizing Bridge Scraper. Lateral Boom Stacker. Gantry Scraper Reclaimer. Stacker Cum Reclaimer. Building Material Production Line. Cement Grinding Station. Roller Mill. VLJ Tower Mechanical Shaft Kiln. Coal Mill

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The reclaimer has the features including good blending effect, large reclaiming capacity and high productivity. We have supplied nearly 100 sets of bridge type bucket-wheel reclaimers for blending & homogenizing yards for iron- and steel industry both home and abroad. Circular Stacker Bridge Scraper Reclaimer_FUSIONAt the same time the stacker boom luffs to keep a minimum distance above the crest of the pile for reducing dust emission. Reclaiming at the other end of the pile is effected by a bridge reclaimer working parallel to a radius line. A raking harrow is mounted on the bridge reclaimer which rotates anticlockwise around the center column. Construction, Working and Maintenance of Stackers and In bucket reclaimers (bridge type bucket wheel reclaimer, boom type bucket wheel reclaimer and drum type reclaimer), scooping buckets scoop the material from the stockpile. The scooped material falls on the receiving/intermediate conveyor (bridge conveyor, boom conveyor or barrel conveyor).

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For bi-directional-operating bridge-type bucket wheel reclaimers we provide a semi-automatic bucket reversing system as an optional special feature. As there is no longer any need to reverse the buckets manually, which always involves a risk of injury for personnel, this feature helps to Manufacturing Equipment from china supplier Northern Bridge Bucket Wheel Homogenizing Reclaimer Is Usually Used In Raw Material Yard In Steel Industry Etc. To Finish The Homogenized Reclaiming Work Of Co Cantilever Bucket-wheel Stacker&Reclaimer is a large bulk loading/unloading equipment with the high efficiency and working continuously which is used in rectangle stockyard. Northern Heavy Industries Group Co. - china apron Bridge Bucket Homogenizing Reclaimer. Boom Bucket Wheel stacker-reclaimer. Lateral Boom (Scraping Bucket) Stacker. Gantry (semi-gantry) Scraper Reclaimer. Bridge Scraper Reclaimer. Lateral Boom Stacker. Homogenizing Bridge Scraper S/R for Circular Storage Yard. Portal Type Top Stocking and Lateral Reclaiming S/R.

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Bridge Bucket Wheel Reclaimer. Circle Stockyard Homogenizing Stacker Reclaimer. Tel86-24-8571 8940; [email protected] E-mail Bridge Type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer Supplier, Bulk Material Bridge type bucket wheel reclaimer is a large homogenizing machine used in longitudinal material stockyard or stockpile with highly reclaiming efficiency and continuous bulk material operating ability. Bridge type bucket wheel reclaimers are mainly used in