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AISC Requirements for Quality Control - Steel Structures

A four-hour seminar on the implementation of the 2010 AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC 360-10) Chapter N on Quality Control and Quality Assurance, which incorporates documentation, inspection personnel qualifications, welding inspection tasks, nondestructive testing, bolting inspection tasks, inspection of steel details, inspection of steel decks, inspection of steel GUIDE TO banD sawInG - LENOX ToolsBlades can be made from one piece of steel, or built up of two pieces, depending on the performance and life expectancy required. CARBON Hard Back:A one-piece blade made of carbon steel with a hardened back and tooth edge. Flex Back:A one-piece blade made of carbon steel with a hardened tooth edge and soft back. BI-METAL

How to Cut Stainless Steel with 6 Different Tools SawsHub

Utilize your tape measure to obtain a precise measurement for the steel that you need to cut. Then make use of a marker to mark where you need to cut. Utilize a square or ruler to get an straight, even line. Mark this line clearly, and make sure to utilize this square when cutting (if possible). Step 3:Cut the Stainless Steel IRWIN Tools Metal-Cutting Circular Saw Blade, 12-inch, 60T Before purchasing this blade I had never used a circular type blade to cut metal (besides cutoff wheels). It almost lasted until the end of my project. I was mostly cutting [A-500 Structural Steel Handrail Pipe 1-1/2" SCH 10 (1.90 OD X .109 wall)] and some smaller tube/pipe. Made about 35-45 cuts before it died. Report 1839 - DTIC7. Explosive-Cutting Tests on Steel Plates 29 8. Explosi"'e-Cutting Tests on Structural Steel Shapes 35 9. Explosive-Cutting Tests on Wire Rope 60 10. Explosive-Cutting Tests on Steel Bars 64 11. Steel-Cutting Exporiments with Diamond Charge Technique 77 12. Explosive-Cutting Tests on Steel Pipe 87 13. Description of Linear Shaped Charges 87 14.


Steel deck is made by cold forming structural grade sheet steel into a repeating pattern of parallel ribs. The strength and stiffness of the panels are a result of the shape of the ribs and the mate-rial properties of the steel. Deck lengths can be varied to suit job conditions but, because of shipping considerations, are usually less than 40. Steel Framing Inspection GuideCold-formed steel studs of 33 or 43 mil thicknesses are frequently specified for structural applications in residential designs. Thicker steel is heavier to handle and cut, more difficult to seat fasteners into, and more costly. Track is the BUILDING CODES Codes developed by the International Code Council have Structural Shapes - Nucor-Yamato Steelstructural steel specifications, latest edition. However, we may furnish steel conforming to other specifications by special request. Contact us for product availability, rolling frequency and other pertinent information. In regards to rolling and cutting tolerances, they are in accordance with accepted standards.

Structural Welding Inspection Steel Structures

Structural Welding Inspection. Online Seminar:Structural Welding Inspection. $ 490.00. Add to cart. Download Seminar Flyer and Order Form. A 15-hour seminar on the inspection of welding under the American Welding Societys Structural Welding Codes:AWS D1.1 Steel, AWS D1.3 Sheet Steel, AWS D1.4 Reinforcing Steel, and. WELDING AND THERMAL CUTTING Special containers Wearing parts and cutting blades The wear resistance of Raex steels is based on steel alloying and the hardened delivery condition. High alloying, hardness and strength make the welding and thermal cutting of abrasion resistant steels more demanding than the processing of ordinary structural steel. Welding of INTRODUCTION [DOC]SECTION 051200 - STRUCTURAL STEEL FRAMING · Web viewArchitecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS):Structural steel framing noted as AESS on Drawings. Heavy Shapes:ASTM A6, Group 3 shapes with flanges thicker than 1-1/2 inches (12.5 mm), Group 4 shapes, and Group 5 shapes; welded built-up members with web or flange plates exceeding 1 1/2 inches (12.5 mm) in thickness.

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For special inspection of structural steel other than seismic lateral force resisting systems, 2012 IBC Section 1705.2.1 states:1705.2.1 Structural steel. Special inspection for structural steel shall be in accordance with the quality assurance inspection requirements of AISC 360. You will find these special inspection (QA) requirements in