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Bar bending machine, as one of the most practical rebar processing equipment, is mainly used for bending various bar materials like reinforcement bars, round bars, tmt bars and steel bars to different shapes.Under common circumstance, our bar bending machines can bend the bar material in angle from 0 to 180 degree, and the 90 degree and 135 degree is most common. Bar Cutting Machine - Rebar Processing Equipment- Ellsen Third, our bar cutter machine has a large cutting range. It can cut the diameter of bars from 6 to 70mm by using different types of cutting machine for sale. The cutter machines have a very rigid frame made of cast iron. At the same time, the frame is facilitated by gears that are well lubricated to guarantee the cutting

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Our Ellsen electric steel bar cutter is one kind of electric bar process machine especially for cutting steel bar. It is mainly used for cutting deformed bar, round bar, steel rod, common carbon steel, square steel and screws, etc. Our electric bar cutter is small in volume and has light weight, so it Ellsen Bending Machine - Rebar Processing EquipmentUnder common circumstance, our Ellsen steel bending machine can bend the bar material in angle from 0 to 180 degree, and the 90 degree and 135 degree is most common. It is broadly used in construction works like bridge, tunnel and buildings etc. Owing to its better performance and competitive price, this kind of Ellsen bending machine for sale Rebar Cutting Machine For Sale - China Ellsen manufacturerEllsen cutting machine manufacturer provides different metal cutting machines for sale, for example, bar cutting machine, rebar cutting machine, iron cutting machine, steel cutting machine and rod cutting machine. You can choose whatever you need. Besides, Ellsen also has different types of cutting machines for sale.

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Ellsen cutting machine manufacturer provides different types of cutting machines for sale. Ellsen supplies automatic steel bar cutting machine, portable rebar cutter, hydraulic rebar cutter, electric rebar cutter, hand held rebar cutter, straightening and cutting machine and so on. These cutting machines also have different sizes. Steel Cutting Machine - Ellsen Wrought Iron MachineSteel cutting machine is mainly used to cut through the wrought iron materials. It has multiple usages and can be used in various occasions. Our Ellsen iron steel cutting machine has light weight, low price and high quality. In recent years, it has been widely exported abroad. portable steel bending machine rebar bender 32mmBestEquip Portable Rebar Cutter Electric 6-32mm Hydraulic Electric Rebar Cutter 2200W 110V Cut Up to #10 Rebar and Round Bar with Replacement Jaw Blades RC-32 Cutting Speed 6-7s $919.99. 32MM Steel Bar Bending Machine - Ellsen Steel Processing

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With 20 years of experience, Ellsen rebar cutting and bending machine are warmly welcomed by clients at home and abroad. Here are the reasons:Ellsen has a very strong professional team engaged in technology research and development. Hence, all our rebar bender and cutter machines are equipped with the latest techniques. And the quality of