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C90300 (SAE 620) NAVY G Tin Bronze is a high wear resistant bronze that provides good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance to dezincification. This proven alloy is used in wide applications and has an excellent rating for soldering and offers good brazing. Conforms to continuous cast specification ASTM B505. Chemistry:Cu88 Sn8 Zn4 Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys - Total Materia

  • Elemental CobaltCobalt-Base AlloysCobalt-Base Wear-Resistant AlloysCobalt-Base High-Temperature AlloysCobalt-Base Corrosion-Resistant AlloysThe elastic modulus of cobalt is about 210 GPa (30 x 106 psi) in tension and about 183 GPa (26.5 x 106 psi) in compression. Uses of Cobalt.As well as forming the basis of the cobalt-base alloys discussed in this article, cobalt is also an important ingredient in other materials:1. Paint pigments 2. Nickel-base superalloys 3. Cemented carbides and tool steels 4. Magnetic materials 5. Artificial g-ray sources In the nickel-base superalloys, cobalt (which is present typically in the range 10 to 15 wt%) provides solid solWear Resistant Steel Wear and Impact Steel |Toronto TITUS WEAR RESISTANT STEELS solve the problem of severe abrasion and impact with the added feature of easy processing. Titus Wear Resistant Steels have an optimally enriched chemical composition, superior and expensive oil quenching, work-harden to 560 BHN, high shear and tearing resistance, complete through hardness, are excellent in hot and cold conditions and are corrosion resistant.

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    15. Tungsten in steel. A. Improves wear resistance, cutting ability and toughness. B. Refines grain size and produces less tendency to carburisation, improves corrosion and heat resistant properties. C. Improves cutting ability and reduces hardenability. D. Gives ductility, toughness, tensile strength and anti-corrosion properties. Frequently asked questions about hardfacingMar 08, 2005 · Hardfacing, also known as hardsurfacing, is the application of buildup or wear-resistant weld metals to a part's surface by means of welding or joining. 2. What base metals can be hardfaced? Carbon and low-alloy steels with carbon contents of less than 1 percent can be hardfaced. High Speed Steel versus Carbide in Metal Cutting - Why HSS Sep 20, 2009 · High Speed Steel is a high carbon tool steel, containing a large dose of tungsten. A typical HSS composition is:18% tungsten, 4% Chromium, 1% Vanadium, 0.7% carbon and the rest, Iron. HSS tools have a harness of 62-64 Rc. The addition of 5 to 8% cobalt to HSS imparts higher strength and wear resistance.

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    Cast Iron Strong Resistant to wear Car drum brakes Vices Non-Ferrous metals (do not contain iron) Aluminium Corrosion resistant Good strength to weight ratio Car bodies Hardness:Resistance to scratching, cutting, denting and wear Malleability:The ability of a material to be reshaped in all directions without cracking. 21 Properties and Applications of Ni-Resist and Ductile Ni Wear Resistance:Cylinder liners, pistons, wear rings and sleeves, bearings, glands and other metal-to-metal rubbing parts are cast in Ni-Resist alloys. Their galling resistance is excellent. Erosion Resistance:Slurries, wet steam and other fluids with entrained solids are substances which are extremely erosive to most metals. Ni-Resist alloys offer REVIEW OF THE WEAR AND GALLING CHARACTERISTICS HardnessIn general, resistance to wear is increased by increasing hardness, provided other factors remain constant. There is some question, however, whether the controlling hardness is the bulk hardness or simply surface hardness. It has been stated that to increase wear resistance, hardness should be increased by alloying or heat treatment.

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    • Technical AssistanceChoosing The Right MaterialChoosing The Right Heat-Treat ProcessChoosing The Right Surface FinishPrecision Punch & Tooling OffersChoosing The Right Surface TreatmentOur Mission is clear: Every day, for every customer, we dedicate the resources and energy necessary to provide unsurpassed quality of products and service. Our engineers and technical support staff with their many years of industry experience will provide you with the information necessary to make a choice that offers the greatest value to your organization. For technical assistance visit our Precision Punch & Tooling contact page.AR400 & AR500 Steel Plate - AR500 Armor Clifton SteelSuperior Strength & Corrosion ResistantClif-Clad Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate. Chromium carbide overlay steel plate is ideal for extreme wear applications, high temperature environments, and when UHMW FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about UHMW Yes, wear tape is a thin film of UHMW with adhesive backing than can be bonded to the surface. In what form are UHMW-PE film and tape available? UHMW can be made in films .003 through .125 thick in continuous coil from ¼ up to 24 wide and cut to length in pieces and in stamped parts. Wear Resistance of Metals - ScienceDirectJan 01, 1979 · When the impact angle is small, generally less than 30°, cutting wear prevails and increasing the hardness of the surface increases its wear resistance. At high angles wear is caused primarily by deformation and impact, and a solution is rather more complex (Fig. 15). A softer material with high elasticity and deformability may be more suitable.

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      We specialize in Precision Investment LEARN MORE Casting, Cutting Tools, Wear & Corrosion Resistant Parts. HEAT, WEAR & CORROSION REXALLOY ® and other fine COBALT LEARN MORE based alloys, as well as all grades of stainless steel.